Call Us Champs Basketball Development  was created to enhance each child's ability on and off the court.  We use the game as an opportunity to teach children characteristics that will stick with them their entire lives.  Our program teaches teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and self discipline in a fun and structured learning environment.  We believe in building personal relationships and trust with each one of our players.  Lessons are tailored to each child's unique personality and skill level.  Through the game, children are able to become more confident in their current selves and the people they are becoming.  With each bounce of the ball, there is an opportunity for personal growth.

The Culture we establish (BE YOURSELF)


Build Championship Habits



-Good Attitude


-Play hard 

-Don't give up

-Always compete

Establish Confidence

We encourage you to ask questions whenever you feel uncomfortable. Communication is imperative to our learning process.  We provide several demonstrations, so our players truly understand the material.  We are here to support all of our players.  Our players won't be made to feel they have to sacrifice their learning for anyone. 


We attack every learning experience and opportunity like it's our last. 

Observe The Floor

Our players are taught to read what is going on around them while they are playing. They will learn what defense the opposing team is running and how to space the floor. 

Understand What Is Going On

Explaining to children/players  why they are being asked or told to do something is key.  We all want to know the "why" behind concepts.  Your child will never walk away from his/her training without knowing the thought process behind what is taught.


Respect will be displayed in all aspects of everything we do.  Our players/children will be shown the highest level of respect.  We ask for that same respect back in return.  This respect will be given to opposing players, teams and coaches.  This is a mandatory concept. 

Selfless Basketball

Looking for others on the court to share the ball with.  We are constantly trying to make the right team play.  Our players will enter our program as individuals and be taught how to be strong teammates.

Exemplify Character

All of our basketball lessons will carry over to life lessons.  We are helping you build boys and girls with strong morale, ethics, and core values.  It is our goal for your children to feel empowered after they leave their trainings. 

Love the Game

Call Us Champs wants you to have fun. We integrate as many fun challenges as we possibly can.  For the love of the game!


Practice, Practice, Practice.  It is important not to skip steps.  We all wish we could pass like Lebron, shoot like  Steph, and rock the rim like Shaq.  We have to learn how to play the game the right way first, and then we can get to that stuff.  We teach and preach fundamentals- dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defensive strategies.